13 OKTOBER 2017



LOUIS XIV is a new kid on the block, who's making his own way through the DJ scene. 
Your royal highness has left his palace just to make sure you'll be having the time of your life. Describing his sets as a highly energetic mix between commercial and underground and a perfect blend between house and urban music, he'll definitely turn any club/festival/... upside down!  

Bitten by the music bug he started playing at small venues. 
Soon enough he got the chance to play at some of the biggest clubs and festivals in Belgium! 
More is definitely to come... 

After sharing the stage with Michael Amani they've grown to be partners in crime. 
Teaming up on stage they always succeed at throwing a major party!

The king has left his palace to provide YOU with some of the most sexy beats. 
Come dance with your royal highness and join him at one of his performances!







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